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Dear Virginie,
This summer I have become “a research junkie” on raising children bilingually and I just love your book most of all : ). You have a wonderful writing voice that transmits the informative/research side while complementing it with a very loving motherly voice, sensitive to the varying linguistic complexities present.
I have a question and seek your expert advice (on my linguistic complexity!)
I am a native English speaker, with near-native French. I am a French teacher here in the U.S. I adore French and feel it comes natural to me, enough
that I am comfortable speaking it at home about the everyday things with my children (I spent over a year in France where I lived with a French family with kids (babies and older plus years of exposure/study/practice/teaching etc)
My husband is a native Farsi speaker, but he has not transmitted that language fully to the children (he did not do the bilingual thing–did not have the energy or time to fulfill the commitment and as English is the language at home…). I am a conversant Farsi speaker, and our immediate community is largely Farsi speaking. While obviously valuable for us (!), this language is not as close to my heart as French! The kids have a solid passive knowledge of Farsi, but are not thrilled about attending classes and the like. That is at a standstill right now (they are just passively learning).
I have chosen to focus my efforts in French/English….however there is one other complication, as we are practicing Muslims I do not necessarily feel welcome in France, due to the politics and islamaphobia there. Does it make sense for me to devote my time and energy to teaching my children a language which although close to my heart as a mother & teacher, may not offer them anything in their future? Am I being super negative here? What is your take on this situation?
Thanks for reading my long letter and your attention on my linguistic problem!
p.s. I have 5 children, ages: 14, 11, 8, 6, 3. We are numerous enough that for me it is worth taking a solid stand and committing myself to this for their childhoods and beyond…

Hello Valerie,

Hope you had a nice summer with your family – Having just returned from France, I have to agree with you that the current administration there has a lot to learn about diversity and acceptance. I think because of the current islamophobia, (here and there actually!) it seems even more important for you to teach your children how to speak French! With their language skills they have a chance to be a part of the solution when they grow up. They will be able to bridge cultures and have the communication skills to solve cross-cultural problems – We need more globally-minded youngsters and you’re on your way with your 5 children! So, yes, I definitely encourage you with French, English and Farsi. What a gift!
Thank you by the way for the kind comments about Bilingual By Choice. I’m now working on my second book but this time it’s a travel guide on French and Spanish Catalonia, following in the footsteps of 20th century artists. The research has been fun!

Have a great back-to-school –

Take care,

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