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Hello, I appreciated your comments on reading. Living in the US, we have had a lot of success reading to our sons in French since (really) the day they were born. They have a great vocabulary in French and I am sure a lot of it is due to the exposure to reading in the minority language that they have received.

I wanted to let you know that I discuss your book in a guest post at Multilingual Mania, also a great blog on bilingualism ( My own site is and I mention it there as well. Thanks for sharing your ideas!


Thank you Eve. You have a great site – and thanks for discussing the book! There is so much useful information out there – (both books and articles online) for parents raising bilingual children, I’m thinking there is no excuse now – we can’t fail or give up!!

I see on your blog that you’re planning a trip to France – We’ll be heading over there this summer as well, to see family. I can’t wait to have the girls immersed in French, playing and telling stories with their cousins. It’s going to be great! Bon voyage to you and your family.

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  1. multilingualmania said

    Thanks for linking to us! I can’t wait until I also read the book-Eve just did a guest post about it on our blog! I know that she has really loved the book, because I’ve seen her tweet about it multiple times in the past as well! Thanks!!

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